Is UPP Consulting for your organisation?


If you experience one or more of the following incidents on a regular basis, UPP Consulting will be able to assist you in becoming more effective.
  • We don’t seem to understand each other / We seem to irritate one another a lot;
  • We seem to fight a lot;
  • We seem not to be able to handle differences very well which results into tension in the organisation / team;
  • The organisation has a high staff turnover;
  • The organisation / team seems to have lost passion, drive and focus;
  • The management of the organisation has lost its effectiveness;
  • We do not know what to do with ineffective staff members;
  • The organisation has a new leadership / management and needs new direction;
  • We want to become more effective in ourselves and in the organisation;
  • Any other needs?

Let us know in which area you would like to grow by completing our Self Diagnostics Check List . UPP Consulting will assist with a training and development plan tailor-made for your organisation.

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