The Process (How it Works)


      1. The required information form needs to be completed Enquiry Form
        UPP Consulting can be contacted directly via email or telephone.
      2. Upon receiving of the information, UPP Consulting will arrange a meeting to obtain more detail in order to ensure that the correct and optimum course and modules are made use of. A time frame for the training will be set during the first consultation and the cost estimate will be agreed upon.

Is UPP Consulting for your organisation?


If you experience one or more of the following incidents on a regular basis, UPP Consulting will be able to assist you in becoming more effective.
  • We don’t seem to understand each other / We seem to irritate one another a lot;
  • We seem to fight a lot;
  • We seem not to be able to handle differences very well which results into tension in the organisation / team;
  • The organisation has a high staff turnover;
  • The organisation / team seems to have lost passion, drive and focus;
  • The management of the organisation has lost its effectiveness;
  • We do not know what to do with ineffective staff members;
  • The organisation has a new leadership / management and needs new direction;
  • We want to become more effective in ourselves and in the organisation;
  • Any other needs?

Let us know in which area you would like to grow by completing our Self Diagnostics Check List . UPP Consulting will assist with a training and development plan tailor-made for your organisation.

Fee Structure


There will be a minimum fee charged for the needs assessment consultation.

A fee structure will be determined for further consulting / training / development work to be undertaken – according to the needs of the organisation.  

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