About The Logo


About the logo

The logo for UPP Consulting was inspired by a photo that Marliese’s son, David, took when he started photography as hobby in his late teenage years.

The photo captured new growth in a plant – and symbolized new life and growth to Marliese.  

The new leaves are supported by firmer leaves – protecting, carrying and supplying a safe environment for growth and development – allowing vulnerability as part of the process towards a stronger plant.

This forms the essence of UPP Consulting’s philosophy of the training and development of young and / or new / emerging leaders.  More experienced leaders who would like to grow and develop new leadership skills and strategies in order to stay relevant in their spheres of leading will also benefit from the training programmes offered by UPP Consulting.

UPP Consulting creates a safe and supportive environment in which leaders are able to grow and develop – becoming high impact leaders in themselves, their teams and their organisations.

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