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UPP Consulting follows a systems approach as change or movement in the one system has an impact on the other connecting and inter-linking systems.

Change in the self or the individual will impact on the team functioning – which in its turn will impact on the organizational environment.  This then has an impact on the broader community in which the organisation operates.

UPP Consulting works with one or more of the elements in the system – depending on the requirements of the system in totality. UPP Consulting does not directly work with communities, but does not distance itself from the society / community in which the organisation is operational – therefore the shadow below the graphic.

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About Marliese


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Marliese qualified as a social worker. After 10 years in the field, and 3 years in private practice, she decided to focus on community development projects in which she facilitated or led change through participation and consultation.  She has been involved in this for 15 years.

Leadership training and development for individuals and teams within organisations had become her primary focus as this led to enhanced organisational effectiveness – resulting in a more meaningful impact in the community. 

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About The Logo


About the logo

The logo for UPP Consulting was inspired by a photo that Marliese’s son, David, took when he started photography as hobby in his late teenage years.

The photo captured new growth in a plant – and symbolized new life and growth to Marliese.  

The new leaves are supported by firmer leaves – protecting, carrying and supplying a safe environment for growth and development – allowing vulnerability as part of the process towards a stronger plant.

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